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    Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

    spicy-fruity-leather powerhouse fragrance of the 80ties.It stands in a line with azarro pour homme,yatagan by caron, devin by aramis, trussardi pur homme, kouros by YSL, Zino by Davidoff.
    unbelievable strong, intense, long-lasting and great sillage.very masculine.
    The approach to this fragrance ends up in a love-hate relationship: this is a great, unique and very special scent and already the opening is overwhelming: an overloaded blust of a unique compilation of fruits,leather,musk,oakmoos,sandalwood etc.etc.but still the drydown is so strong and severe, even violent -like a thunder storm !
    You´re waiting for the calm and the silence but this fragrance keeps up top speed and it makes you speach- and restless. you haven´t time to breathe hard and this is for me the crucial point why I personally prefer azarro,trussardi, van cleef etc.- these fragrances end up in a more settled character-they are more refined and subtle and not a permanent assault of your senses.(pour lui is an olfactory explosion!)
    Pour lui is a great fragrance but it´s beethoven and wagner mixed up top speed!

    08th June, 2011

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