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    Toujours Moi by Dana

    Oh dear. This is LOVELY! It starts off quite rich and deep, as you'd expect from an old, brown perfume, and has a kind of menthol-eucalyptus element over a resinous base, which becomes a sumptuous incense. Not too long after it dries to a delectable, powdery, honey-tobacco scent. So closely did it seem to resemble Habanita, though, that I tried a little Habanita on my other arm, for comparison. Habanita came out VERY vetiver-heavy – sharper and reedier, and surprisingly lacking in the tobacco-nougat aspect that Toujours Moi evokes so deliciously. I definitely get a similarity to Bal a Versailles, too: the same powdery, softly-spicy, close-wearing balsam and vanilla/tonka – sexy yet snugly at the same time. The Toujours Moi, though, lacks the “skank”/old dentures element that you have to get through in Bal a Versailles, which is of course a plus point. I only wish my bottle of Toujours Moi was bigger!

    EDIT: I've now added a huge, modern EDC to my little, vintage EDT that can be found in the Art Nouveau-style bottle :-) Incidentally I can't detect any significant difference between the 2, except that perhaps in the ultimate drydown the modern EDC turns to a pleasant cocoa powder. I agree that this is also similar to Tabu, but without the hefty patchouli in the base that Tabu packs.

    06th February, 2011 (Last Edited: 09th June, 2011)

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