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    Fracas for Men by Robert Piguet

    Take this as a very personal opinion on the reviews posted: perceptions can be biased by false leads. In this case, there are plenty of grounds for them...

    1. The blend was developed after the original brand name, Fracas, a classic women's scent.
    2. The company in charge of its release was not the original company manufacturing and distributing the products under the brandname "Piguet", it was a licensee.
    3. Piguet was later licensed to another company who relaunched the line according to the original concept - namely, manufacturing and selling high-quality scents.

    Thus far, Fracas for Men is not listed in their product portfolio.

    So we have a potentially failed case in here: Fracas for Men does not have anything to do with the real Fracas, and for worst, it has been blended by a company with a business strategy at odds with the present one. The result? The wearer will get a very bad first impression due to poor quality packaging issues mentioned by many reviewers.

    Now, what about the blend? On first impressions, you might as well take Lomani Lomani for Men (this one: and strip the very strong citric / lemon-like top notes. Make these more spicy with some fruit accords to the point of avoiding any annoyment. Later, make this notes morph slowly into slight floral and strong woody notes, albeit subtle. It somehow smells like a toned-down or a mellowed traditional aromatic fougere because of the spices.

    As a conclusion, it is a well blended scent along classic perfume making, it def, does not smell edgy, at all. It does lack the sillage many fragrance aficionados demand of their perfumes, but alas, men are supposed to smell nice in a subtle fashion. Longevity is along the norm, 4 hours in acidic skin like mine. Add to all these the fact that it sold under a very convenient price. Thus, I think it would be a good choice for a "no frills" fragrance wearer seduced at the idea of using a traditional scent that is not widely known at all.

    18th June, 2011

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