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    The Baron by LTL

    Old school? Because of the floral notes, for sure. The pyramid I found it is not quite precise, the list includes flowers, vetiver, lavender, sandalwood and amber: not very telling, to tell the truth.

    The opening does tell the wearer there are flowers of a powdery kind. I know iris and amber is responsible for this, so there might be the chance the powdery feeling is achieved through the iris. The rest of the olfactory journey is not marked by the stridency felt upon application for it morphs into a skin scent in which the rest of the components ameliorate the floral notes, but not to such an extent as to ending their presence - something that reminds a comment as to The Baron being the masculine version of White Shoulders. The sandalwood is quite notable in the mid / base notes together with the vetiver.

    This won't please every one around, for it is definitely a blend apart of the rest. You will of course enjoy it if you like powdery floral scents. Indeed, FBW for fragrance aficionados interested in traditional and classic - styled scents.

    PS: Together with it, I got Fracas for men. Interesting enough, I imagined Fracas would be like The Baron, a floral scent. No, it is the other way around.

    19th June, 2011

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