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    Madness by Chopard

    Madness represents my childhood in lots of ways. Not in the mad aspect but from the way it smells.

    From the first spray on the skin this fragrance was strong and fruity. I sensed strong candied raspberry, even though it is not listed here. I was always one of those strange kids that loved raspberry cordial with only a small amount of water. I hated heavily diluted cordial. Madness is that rich, syrupy red, raspberry flavoured cordial. It smells just like it.

    I can understand that for some people this is sickly, but to me this is rich and sweet, the way I like it. Slightly masculine, but feminine and elegant at the same time, Madness can be rather conflicting.

    The heart of rose and hibiscus reminds me of my mother's garden before she pulled them out and replaced them with a cactus garden. I used to take the petals and mash them up in a bowl of hot water to make what I called "flower soup" as a child.

    The drydown which is mostly fairyfloss, I'm sure is a smell that most people remember as a child. The woodsy notes that compliment the sugary sweet fairyfloss makes me think of a Circus. The smell of sawdust and candy polluting the air.

    A strange fragrance it certainly is, but a lovely one at that. For me the experience is entirely personal, but for others you may find other similarities to your childhood and if you don't you may just like Madness simply because of the composition. Either way I recommend.

    26th June, 2011

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