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    Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

    This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. Superb in fact.

    I had chosen the perfect day to test O de Lancome. A rather humid Summer day in the centre of a busy and steamy city.

    I must say that at first the citrus notes came on quite strongly. It was very green and lemony. Although not entirely unpleasant, I was expecting the worst seeming that these fragrances don't seem to agree with my chemistry or my nose very often. I was about to write this scent off the list when I brought my wrist up to my nose for another sniff.

    I was met with a delightful, fresh and cheerful blend of honeysuckle, various herbs/spices, jasmine and mild citrus notes. On my skin the heart and drydown was soft, slightly soapy, musky and feminine.

    I can't say that I understand the masculine references here. To me O de Lancome is girly and somewhat sweet, in other words something I can't imagine a man wearing.

    I had no idea that this was a fragrance from the 70's, it is very modern and could easily pass as something being produced today. The lasting power is average, around 7 hours. I do recommend this.

    26th June, 2011

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