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    Casmir by Chopard

    I had searched both high and low for Casmir for approximately 6 months, so you can imagine how excited I was when I finally stumbled upon it. My expectations were huge. I was so eager to test this famous vanilla-based scent.

    I sprayed on both the card and my wrist, and unable to resist or contain my excitement any longer, I inhaled deeply.

    The aroma was indeed strong, but only very subtle with the vanilla. It had an oriental feel to it, yet I felt that the citruses were a little too sour and basic. I was quite disappointed, since this had been something I'd dreamt about, almost being crazy enough to buy it blind.

    I proceeded to test other fragrances to ease my disappointment, until about an hour later I was met with a beautiful scent wafting around me. I was pleased to discover that it was Casmir enchanting me with its glorious aroma.

    Casmir is the absolute perfect orange-vanilla fragrance; gourmand, just like an orange flavoured cake topped with sweet vanilla icing. However, this is no toothache, this is incredibly sexy and rich.

    Towards the drydown, Casmir captures me with its subtle spicyness and smokey incense quality. It's exotic and seductive all rolled into one. May I also add that the sillage and lasting strength is highly commendable. I added Casmir to my wishlist immediately.

    26th June, 2011

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