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    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

    If I had rated this a couple of years ago I probably would have given it a thumbs up but as of late I don't really see myself liking it as much anymore.

    Maybe it has been played out, maybe my taste has changed but it just doesn't do it for me anymore. The notes are just as described on the directory but this polo blue towards the second half of it's lifespan really ends up turning into a sweet musky CHOCOLATE scent and this is actually my favorite part. What you spray is very fitting towards it's label but what you end up with after a few hours has gone by is something that could be sprayed from a brown bottle.

    Is it bad? No, the longevity is simply amazing and it goes beyong having a basenote as it transforms into another scent altogether. This cologne will keep on projecting well into the next day, you will smell it on the shirt even a day or two later I kid you not so be prepared to stick with it for a looong time once you have it sprayed once.

    28th June, 2011

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