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    Turkey Turkey

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    Montana pour Homme by Montana

    Blue Box Montana Homme
    The Bogart Pour Homme of fresh/citrus/soap scents.
    Is it cheap? You bet.
    Is it great? No.
    Citrus and soap in rare form? Absolutely.

    35% EDP of Nicolai's Cologne Cedrat
    20% EDP of Nicolai's Cologne Friction
    10% white barsoap
    8% Creed Orange Spice
    7% Red "ICEE" Frozen Slush drink
    5% Jacques Bogart Eau Fraiche
    5% Trumper GFT
    5% Lemon Joy dishsoap
    3% Italian Ice with the peel and seeds in it
    2% Maitre Ambre Precieuax

    Starts with a big lemon note, dries to a clean, soapy, musky scent. citrusy/cool/slushee note remains throughout, as does the Lemon Joy. Ends at a light taste of a semi-sweet, pale amber like the Maitre. A true Bargain for those wanting long lasting citrus, who don't positively hate really soapy scents, and don't mind a tiny taste of Orange Spice/Kouros. (no urinals, just the soapy musky smell)

    Thumbs up.

    28th June, 2011

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