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    Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

    I see L'Elephant as an escape; an escape from the common and predictable fragrances of today. Not everyone will love L'Elephant, as in some instances the spiciness and boldness can prove to be too much. However, despite the fact that I'm not a lover of this fragrance, I do appreciate its uniqueness.

    The fragrance opens with huge intensity. One is almost blown over backwards with its rich spices and citrus undertones. I wouldn't say that the top notes are offensive in any way, just shocking and vastly different from anything you've ever tried before.

    The spices in L'Elephant are quite stunning in a dark, wild and exotic sense. The cloves, cardamom, caraway, licorice and patchouli gives this fragrance character and a somewhat smokey/incense quality.

    What I find incredibly appealing, and in some ways sensual, is the contrast between spiciness and sweetness, which is brought about by the mango, ylang ylang and vanilla. It's a guilty pleasure that you experience, like adding a spoonful of sugar to a spicy Indian cuisine to send your tastebuds on a confusing yet enjoyable journey.

    The drydown is very mild compared to the opening. The sweetness from the vanilla is more prominent here, as is the amber and the woods. I find it a delicate and comforting end to a rather wild olfactory experience.

    The L'Elephant woman, in my opinion, is either a charismatic extrovert or a dark, mysterious introvert. On the right person, this fragrance is unforgettable.

    30th June, 2011

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