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    Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

    This is a notorious fragrance that is a cologne in execution with its natural smell, its watery temperament, the abundant usage of citrus, its touch of vintage but timeless quality and exoticism. This cologne exudes the smell of a large forest of citrus very green and deep whose you inhale the fruity-green smell while drinking a tropical cocktail, watching from the high level of a farm house the work of agrarians engaged in picking up oranges, mandarins and lemons. It's like to rub your hands with leaves of citrus (orange basically) and inhaling deeply
    the odour. There is a clear mentholated-icy element that impresses a certain dosage of energy to the initial citrus-exotic fruity accord. The minty and citrusy freshness goes blending with the tropical taste of papaya ( harder to perceive mango) issueing a marvellous invigorating juice. Some green elements enhance the botanic temperament of this complex potion till the final touch of woodsy oakmoss and the fundamental bold hint of dry patchouli. I agree who with writes that the faint longevity is proper of a cologne and due to its role (there is a Concentre' version that smells as an eau de toilette). This is a fragrance of great quality and genius that is perfect for any occasion, projecting the image of a charismatic, lively and globe-trotter character.

    01st July, 2011

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