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    Habit Rouge by Guerlain

    Amazingly sparkling top with a loud heart accord which blends into a divine drydown of vanilla, moss and leather. This is a masterpiece with stunning longevity and beautiful development. Each layer has fabulous, distinctive accords.

    All the notes of citrus, powdery leather, flowers and spices are there big and strong from the start. The sharpness dies off quickly allowing a more woody scent with some vanilla and slowly emerging florals to take over. Quickly the depth of this heart becomes apparent, as it is underpinned by palatable leather. The heart and base coexist for so long that it is almost an imperceptible transition from one to the other.

    An outstanding classic, Guerlain have done an amazing job with the reformulation. I actually prefer the new version. It seems brighter and cleaner to me, maybe lacking a bit of "funk" from the original but I think the definition of the notes is stronger without compromise on the smoothness of the transitions.

    30th March, 2007

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