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    KL Homme by Lagerfeld

    A great oriental blend featuring lots of strong, contrasting notes that nevertheless work well together. However, some may need to wear it a few times and to get acquainted with it. I can detect spices, geranium, lavender, wood, castoreum, and a little syrupy sweetness with a hint of vanilla. There are also clearly softening floral elements. In some ways, fragrances like this represent the pinnacle of the "art" of perfumery. If you didn't like the original Lagerfeld men's fragrance, that doesn't matter, because they are quite distinct. That one (the original, not "Classic") is drier, doesn't have the strong lavender or geranium, and is subtler. Nor does it have an animalic note. It does have strong opoponax, however, which KL Homme lacks. I enjoy both, but if you want to avoid loud fragrances, KL Homme is probably not for you. After a couple hours or so, it mellows out quite a bit, but the longevity is quite good.

    My old review, from August, 2009: This is just too strong for me (even one spray), so I tried diluting it and also mixing it with a similar fragrance that is much gentler. If I get it just right, it's a great combination of notes. The geranium, which I hate if too strong, really brings the other notes out. However, if I didn't dilute it, the geranium and amber would be too much (the aldehydes might also be part of this problem). A newbie might like this at first, but then find it unbearable a month later (which is what happened to me), but I'm glad I have a bottle of this one, even if I can't use it as is.

    I think it's worth comparing this to another "power frag," in this case, I'll mention Horizon. With Horizon, if you don't like the marine notes or the lavender, you are done with it. There is no way (AFAIK) to diminish certain notes while keeping the others intact, and even if you could, what would you get with Horizon then? KL Homme, by contrast, is just too strong. If I tried to adjust to it, then other fragrances in my rotation would be perceived as too weak, so dilution is the only option that makes sense for me. Putting so many strong notes in a fragrance is quite a risk, but this one was successful, though too much more today's less pungent olfactory sensibilities.

    One last point, which is that I can understand this being compared to several other fragrances. One that hasn't been mentioned is Jovan's Sex Appeal for him. I prefer KL Homme to these, some of which have a sickly sweet "synthetic" quality that nauseates me (even if diluted) or have a "nose twisting" quality, such as Habit Rouge. I think I'd like KL Homme more if there was less amber, which does seem to be oppressing most of the other notes (though the geranium more than holds its own), but I don't mind having to dilute it, because that just means it's costing me less, so the tradeoff is acceptable. Longevity and sillage are excellent.

    22nd August, 2009 (Last Edited: 03rd July, 2011)

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