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    Bellissima by Blumarine

    I've noticed that many reviews liken Bellissima to other scents on the market. On my skin this fragrance does not smell like Ralph Lauren's Romance, D&G The One or L'eau The One. Instead it smells like an exact copy of Moschino's Funny!

    From the sharp, citrusy opening of orange, to the rich peony heart and the musky base, the similarities to Funny! are either intentional or a pure coincidence. With that being said, I'd classify Bellissima as a fruity floral.

    The scent is very refreshing and Summery, however I do wish that there were more floral notes here, I want to smell the passion flower note badly.

    I don't get much in the way of sweetness here, so perhaps that is a fault of my skin chemistry rather than the scent itself.

    I just haven't come to terms with how similar Funny! and Bellissima are. I can only wish that I still had a drop left of Funny! so I could compare the two on either wrist.

    I applied Bellissima to a piece of paper where I could clearly smell a sweetened, candy-like raspberry note which does remind me of The One in some instances. However I can not detect this note on my own skin.

    Unfortunately I'm disappointed by Bellissima, since I had expected something a little different and more floral. However as a substitute for Moschino's Funny! I'm not all that disappointed.

    05th July, 2011

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