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    Hypn˘se by Lanc˘me

    A generous SA gave me a big sample of this scent at Macys. I wore it yesterday and as soon as it hit my wrist I thought... Guy magnet. It was so pretty. Almost too pretty. In its initial application it was a delicate unusual vanilla but not too sweet. I thought I would need to have a bottle. Then the unfortunate happened. It turned sweeter and sweeter to the point of nausea. I hate orientals that are heavy handed with vanilla and sweet things. In fact I detest them. I couldnt wait to shower so I could ease my senses with something more dry and close to nature. My beloved Prada Infusion D'Iris.

    But I will say that it could just be my chemistry. This may smell great on others. I have noticed that there is some similarity between Hypnose and Ange or Demon by Givenchy. But Ange or Demon is much more sophisticated and mysterious and doesnt have that overbearing sweetness.

    05th July, 2011

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