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    Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

    The melancholy Eternity, with its citrusy traditional (lavender) opening, its astringent floral-herbal romantic heart and its woody and masculine base, smells like a sort of cleaned by spices, slightly ozonic and sour traditional powerhouse, masculine, comforting and clear. There is a certain level of bitterness very appealing and pungent that is the perfect shelter for the romanticism of a deep, almost tasty, neroli accord plus jasmine. The base is slightly aromatic and warm of woods and roots that retain the general drought of the juice and owns a different kind of woody-ambery mildness pleced on the side of the diverse citrusy-floral initial sweetness. These elements determine a touch of dissonance and complexity that give dignity to the juice. Many fragrances remind in their dry down the smell of Eternity and i think to Cool Water, Green Irish tweed, Joop Nightflight, Egoiste Platinum and many many others. The dry herbal and fruity-floral formula with woods and amber at base is a risky recipe cause a lot crossed by the noses all around and because of its common tart and floral monothematic depth. Eternity lacks indeed uniqueness, smells synthetic and is a bit generic (the formula is similar to that of many bath energetic foams or chip and common fragrances) although fortunately preserves a bit of changeability.

    07th July, 2011

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