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    Amazing Grace by Philosophy

    Philosophy AMAZING GRACE is doubly misnamed. Another shower-in-a-bottle frag, this one is so nondescript that the most I can say is that it's a very slightly soapy, very light generic floral composition. Could be peony; could be lily-of-the-valley. In the end, this is the classic “abstract floral” (aka “chemical soup”) about which some self-proclaimed authorities (cough cough) have raved. After two cases, I'm starting to understand the underlying philosophy of the Philosophy brand: it's all about being bland. Bland is not ugly nor is it a source of strife. On the other hand, it's neither beautiful nor inspiring. It's really the epitome of “meh,” a bit like white noise: you just tune it out after a bit of time.

    These GRACE fragrances call to mind an article I recently read by a woman who took SSRIs for five years and reported that during that time she watched her life from afar, and, while she cared, she did not care so much. She noticed that her memory was worse, but she attributed it to her advancing age (all of 40...). Same story for her somewhat doughy, slightly flabby body. And she just didn't care. So naturally she did not care that she did not care. This is how I feel about the Philosophy line: I just don't care for these compositions at all, though I have nothing in particular against them. They are entirely forgettable “unperfumes” to me. They're not even distinct enough to be anti-perfume, because in order to be anti- something, you have to have something to say.

    08th July, 2011

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