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    1747 by Galimard

    Named for the year in which this house was established, Galimard 1747 really does seem about as old as Creed, established in 1760. This composition smells like a classic men's cologne for men who wish to wear colognes that smell how they believe classic colognes are supposed to smell. Rather loud, this typical woody-citrus offering pretty much broadcasts that the wearer has applied cologne and so might be good for picking up chicks who are looking for guys rich enough to wear colognes that smell like the ones that they think guys with yachts are supposed to wear.

    1747 is a fine example of why no matter how many unisex perfumes are launched, I'll continue to believe that some fragrances are really meant for women, and others—such as this one—for men. I would never wear this. Ever. Would I recoil in horror in the presence of a man who wore such a cologne? No, but I wouldn't necessarily run after him either. No matter how socially correct these sorts of scents may be, I just don't find them very appealing aesthetically. I really have no desire to smell anyone who smells this way. Maybe 1747 is simply too hackneyed for me to be able to appreciate, or maybe I just don't like the way that it smells.

    02nd July, 2011 (Last Edited: 10th July, 2011)

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