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    Into the Blue by Escada

    The Opening of Into the Blue starts off
    with a scent of freshly cut grass that dominates 15 minutes of applying, Watermelon note starts steeping
    though but the synthitic overtones fails to deliver the picture of a fruity paradise but still bring an air of interest, Lotus know for it's delicate elegance and with it's powery watery nuance quietly drifts placidly
    The drydown is a confusing hodpodge of musk and peony, the note from the Peony
    with it's sweet and powdery smell pleasent but shy and unobtrussive Amber and Musk notes IMHO don't blend well with the grass and watermelon bring a sour
    tinge to In the Blue,

    The real showshoper has to be the botle
    Conjours the feeling of diving into the seas of different shades of Azure of Bali where the Ocean
    meets the Flawless Turqoiuse sky Suspended in time the sense of oneness and tranquillity overcomes the senses in a Zen Paradise.

    10th July, 2011

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