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    Himalaya by Creed

    I was on and off this fragrance for a couple of years and now have settled down with "on". It is a strange one in that it seems to lack any immediate impact or "wow" factor which gives it a hook. However, it creeps up on me as I wear it. It just keeps smelling good. Without ever standing out I keep thinking "that's nice". Until I reach the far drydown where this really does stand out. The base is familiar from other Creed fragrances but it seem particularly well realised here. I first became acutely aware of this low note accord when I smelled it on my nephew about 14 hours after application. It just smelled wonderful, very heavy on the leathery ambergris and woody musk (lots of ambroxin, I think).

    It is not one of favourite creeds and I can find things wrong with it if I search; the top notes which smell a little like the scent in washing up liquid to me and the slightly weird gunpowder accord. It is not clean and classical. It may be something of a zeitgeist fragrance, may not be one which survives many years but it is still very well made with great development.

    This is a thumbs up from me now (and for the past year or two. my previous review was neutral.

    24th July, 2006 (Last Edited: 21st June, 2009)

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