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    Absolu by Rochas

    Decidedly womanly, balmy, rich and elegant creation with similarities with Jean Paul Classique (from the same nose Cavallier and which with Absolu shares some floral notes, the neroli accord with orange blossom, rose, musk, vanilla and woody amber) and Moschino couture which with shares some fruity-floral elements even if in a different way of consistence and intensity. While Moschino is clearly more airy, light and fruity-floral, Absolu is more rich and resinous with a more evident foundation on creamy and mellow final notes as vanilla, smokey amber, benzoin and balms. Many detect similarities with Le baisser du Dragon because of the common influence of neroli, cedar and benzoin considering that the note of bitter almond could play the same creamy-tasty role played by fig leaves in Absolu; i don't detect this connection because the Cartier's one is more dry, incensey, bitter-rooty and decidedly less balmy, smokey, dark and creamy than this one. The initial lush link of orange and fig is the intoxicating fruity welcome of the first Absolu's blast and it's really pleasant and almost edible before the scent becomes intensily floral with the feminine explosion of a bunch of nocturnal lily, neroli and rose. This phase lasts few time because the smell slides soon in a sort of balmy and mellow base that reminds me a bit the one of Amarige (milky vanilla, smokey amber, dry fruits and sandalwood, musk).The dry down is a shadow of smokey franckincense, animalic, slightly bitter-orangy and musky amber, vanillic balm with the undertones of toasted dry fruits. On my skin i detect a smokey-peppery-spicy (may be cinnamon or nuttmeg) sultriness that renders the fragrance as a seductive and mysterious concoction with a long wake though a faint level of persistence. A pleasant solution for a touch of sensuousness for a night out.

    11th July, 2011

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