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    Duro by Nasomatto

    Gotta disagree with Mr. Turin on this one. Perhaps I'm not as offended by synthetics, but I really dig the dark wood here - the unending resins that are generally at the basenotes of most complex masculine woods but, here, hit hard from the very top.

    Yes it is too strong, and perhaps too expensive (though the mere single spray, over which I will not dare trespass, will in the future compensate for what I just paid for it). If you like the base of Memoir Man, the attack of Epic Man, or perhaps Montale's new Dark Aoud (and there is quite a bit of that particular pungent wood to be had here), this is worth trying.

    I have a good feeling I might attempt some blends with this, as it is very linear and might benefit from a few other notes, perhaps some sweetness. Maybe this could add the missing Oud to L'Artisan's Al Oudh. I applied it three hours ago to my arm and can still see the oil on my skin - looks and feels more like attar than eau de parfum (and certainly packs the punch of an oil).

    Synthetic? Novice? Sloppily Blended? Perhaps. But the scent succeeds in making me "duro."

    19th July, 2011

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