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    Oyédo by Diptyque

    Diptyque OYEDO is a fresh citrus scent featuring petit grain or agrumes, it seems to me. This composition bears resemblance to some of the offerings of the house of Fresh. An inviting, natural-smelling citrus cologne with a touch of vetiver and perfect for warm weather. I must be anosmic to whatever is inspiring all of the shout-outs of "odd!" "strange!" and "weird!" To my nose, there is nothing revolutionary or earthshattering here at all, just a typical niche citrus creation made with high-quality components.

    Many niche offerings strike me as similar to ice cream, offering variations on familiar, comfortable themes but using high-quality ingredients. No one is inventing anything radically new in the ice cream world at this point in time. The idea or, if you will, Platonic Form of ice cream is well-established, and we often find ourselves drawn to the classics. Although gourmet “innovators” may try to convince us that we want to eat basil or chickpea gelato, and those savory flavors may work well served as a small part of a larger presentation, the truth is that sometimes we just want a big bowl of good old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate ice cream well made. It's not a demerit to anyone's mind—and least of all their tastebuds or tummy—that the best ice creams around are all copies of flavors that have been around for a very long time.

    The same story holds, mutatis mutandis, for citrus colognes such as OYEDO, IMNSHO. This one works just fine--for what it is.

    24th July, 2011

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