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    Must de Cartier by Cartier

    Edit July 23, 2011: I've since learned that there are about 4 different formulations of Must de Cartier: 1) The original EdT which came out in 1981 2) The parfum which also came out in 1981 3) The reformulated EdT which came out in 1996 and lastly 4) the newest reformulated EdT which came out in 2005. HEAVENS! When one looks at all the reviews, it's hard to know which version people are talking about!! *I* don't even know which one I'm talking about, because I sampled from a carded manufacturer's sample, which is not dated, but simply has "Must de Cartier Eau de Toilette" on it. Supposedly the parfum is a completely different smell than the 1981 EdT -- which is all I can gather from the numerous reviews around the net. Many people seem to hate the 1996 EdT -- including Luca Turin. And lastly, the 2005 version of the EdT. Confused? Yeah, so am I.

    Original review on July 4, 2008: To put it politely, this is a perfume that most people would probably consider to be for "a sophisticated woman." It is not girly, by any means. I'm so bad at naming notes, but when I tested this, I got a clear set of associations. The opening notes remind me much of Halston Couture, which I know has a sharp opening due to citrus. After about 4 to 5 hours, it smells very much like a Baskin Robbins that we used to visit every Sunday after Mass. I can't tell if it's because there maybe was a woman who wore Must de Cartier and worked in that particular establishment, or whether it's the vanilla that I'm smelling in the heart. Then after about 9 hours, it lays into this sultry scent that for all the world reminds me of the time I discovered my uncle's Ginger Lynn video, which he had left on the VCR during the time he briefly lived with us. That must be the 1980's musk, I guess.

    04th July, 2008 (Last Edited: 24th July, 2011)

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