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    Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

    After reading so many positive reviews here of EDH I decided to splurged and bought a bottle. I will never know what the original formula was or even find out about the bottle with the copper cap many talk about here, as Hermés boutiques do not sell that anymore.

    Now it's the same bottle as the "un jardin" series with a clear cap.

    Anyway, at first spray, EDH smells citrusy with a heavy dose of cummin and cinammon. At that moment it smells like indian food and it can be repulsive. But, after the lemon dissapears, the scent finally emerges as what has been described here as the smell of sex. It reminds me of a sweaty -but clean- armpit. And even, and yes I love that smell, a sweaty -but clean- hairy butt crack.

    It's sexual, animalistic and it's only for men. I can see men wearing this to clubs (whether straight or gay) and be hitted on!

    Although it's best suited for a leather scene, IMHO. Too ahead of its time in that sense.

    28th July, 2011

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