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    Léonard Eau Fraîche by Léonard

    I love almost all citrus aromatics but in 1974, when this was launched, I probably would not have appreciated the oakmoss in the base of this baby. Too bad because now, in 2011, I'm worrying that the new version has probably been reformulated due to the decrease in the allowable amounts of oakmoss. Oh well- my bottle was sold as vintage and I'm certain it is because it's the now out of favor splash style. Sniffing the inside cap, Eau Fraiche has a typical scent of a bowl of mixed citrus, a little past their prime, complete with a slight nose wrinkling upon reaction to the sourness. On skin, however, the top notes are light and fizzy. I was also surprised to have the momentary impression of the smooth and tasty cocktail called "Pimms Cup" made with aromatically flavored gin and lemony soda. Other top notes listed are " orange, plum, lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot and sicilian lemon" Moving into the heart attributed notes are "artemisia, coriander, jasmine and cloves"; with base notes of " singapore patchouli, tahitian vetiver and oakmoss". I don't know what differentiates singapore patchouli from others, but the overall scent is totally unisex- refreshing but not insipid, nicely balanced and long lasting on my skin. Not a sillage monster, definately a light and easy scent. Comparisons? Eau De Patou is as bright, but spicier; Monsiour Balman much more lemon centric; Les Nuits D'Hadrien is darker and more resinous. Citrus Aromatic is a huge scent group but would be lessened without this version.

    30th July, 2011

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