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    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    Well, anyway, Kouros definitely opens with a very sharp poo scent. It smells like civet. And I was all prepared to say, "Nope. I am scrubbing now!" But, curiosity killed the civet. So I kept on, and 30 minutes later, it doesn't smell like poop anymore. No, it now smells like bathroom lemony stuff, plus some really abhorrent oily stuff -- similar to what I remember I disliked about Macassar. But, I am so kiasu, I just had to keep wearing it, and strangely, after about an hour, it calms down into something both weirdly stanky oily and weirdly aquatic. A little powdery even. (Perhaps that's amber?) Sillage is good (if you like this sort of thing). The only other scent I know that changes this way is CDG 2 Red: Sequoia -- dirty sweaty laundry, turned into clean laundry after several hours.

    And, y'know, how some people say Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather smells like cocaine? And I'm like, "Eh?" because I cannot relate. Well, some people say Kouros smells like a certain body part, and I'm not even gonna go there, because only certain people know that kind of information, and how can I possibly admit to knowing that? Katie Puckrik's description of "a sudsed-up inner thigh" comes close, but even she is being modest.

    It really is not as horrible as I thought it would be. I didn't scrub. Escada Sentiment made me scrub, but Kouros was not an instant killer for me. I agree with some of the positive reviewers here that it's not a scent for everyone. It can have strong associations. Definitely try before buying. However, if one is looking for a scent that is completely unlike anything being sold at Abercrombie and Fitch or Bath & Body Works, Kouros may work for one. I am thinking it's thought of as "old" despite its name being "youth" because it is of a class of perfumes that is not generally made anymore.

    Longevity is good. 'Only need a very little bit to last a very long while.

    31st July, 2011

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