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    Mazzolari by Mazzolari

    I was very keen on this a few yeras ago after sampling, but now that I have a bottle I find it unwearable. I think my growing interest in natural perfumery has made me highly sensitive to certain synthetic amplifications, and while I still enjoy Mazzolari Lui in minimal dosage (of course), this one is just too much for me. The green blast is not merely extreme, it also clogs my nostrils (as no natural oil ever has) and, worse, the combination of herbaceous and slightly minty notes actually adds up smelling like (fruity-green apple) shampoo on me, mixed with a cheap loud 70s fougère. And once it's there it just keeps screaming in my face, sort of like the horrific television monster in Aphex Twin's legendary "Come to Daddy" video ( All this from one careful spray onto my chest. Any redeeming features are drowned out in view of this nose-crippling horrorshow. Objectively I might give this a mediocre after some closer analysis, but personally I can't stand it for another minute. Pure green hell.

    31st July, 2011

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