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    Aventus by Creed

    This isn't a bad scent. However, I give it a thumbs down for three reasons: poor value, generic style, and inferior dry-down.
    For a scent to be this expensive, I feel it should be distinctive, enthralling, and represent a high degree of the perfume art. This has none of those qualities. So the selling price accentuates the next two issues.
    The style is competent. I find it to be a somewhat bland but attractive smooth, evening-out scent. Nothing grabs my attention but nothing shrieks at me.
    However, the long-term dry-down presents a bright, somewhat synthetic note which suggests powdered laundry detergent. It is punchy and fresh, but not at all what expect from a noble sort of scent. More in the drugstore line, to be frank.
    The scent starts with good citrus and fruit notes. These are crisp, vibrant, and natural. They do not suggest fruit loops or hard candy. These deepen with dry florals and the merest hint of wood. Then follows an early light musk-moss phase -- the vanilla is restrained here. So far, the scent has my approval if not my admiration. Its restraint gives it a gentlemanly air, which works well with the clubby aspects. But overall, the scent lacks any compelling or distinctive features. It seems like many others of its kind. And then the bright detergent note emerges and, in my opinion, ruins any cred it had established. Really, an uninspired offering from Creed -- in my opinion.

    03rd August, 2011

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