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    New York Oud by Bond No. 9

    This one is a concern to me. New York Oud could be an ideal fierce beast able to flank me in the battles of the obscure night roaming for clubs but it won't cause is absurdly expensive. Adark, animal, human, sweaty, dissonant, dammly expensive aoud-rose fragrance with a certain level of acidity and viscosity. My olfactory life has been upset by this apparition cause its dark dirtyness is may be one of the highest points that my expectations for a dark dirty fragrance have reached. The problem is frankly the price, too much for my audacity in order to overcome the resistances coming from my sense of the limit. This Bond turns endly out surprisingly cool and can be worn fairly in the warm climates as well as for a frosty NY' s wintery night out. There is a certain level of warm-cool feromonical dark-blu feel in its final outcome that reminds a bit the woodsy-ambery virile Green Irish Tweed's dry down. The tart starting is all bitter plum and sour saffron with a touch of prickly, bit acid sweetness from neroli. This source of dissonance holds on its effects throughout the trip. The saffron is prominent and it will be a protagonist throughout the journey. The central part of the fragrance is the soul of that. In a while a burst of red roses and orris projects its wake of sin plunged in a sink of concentrated aoud with dosage at 30%. Still on this phase the sweetness is a moderated one and keeps to hold an acrid, virile, balsamic, fizzy, almost salty tone that manages to penetrate till the depth of the brain. This part impresses sinister darkness, boldness, because of a strong patchouli flanking the flowers and intensity to the scent which anyway was expecting a further touch of animalism to be that sort of beast it is. That touch is brought by an hint of rooty animal musk with vetiver blended and mixed in a bath of resinous animal honey. Can a such sort of acid and full of secretions feromonical smell hook our senses? Yes for sure because of its eroticism, because of its flavour of sex.!Obviously projection and longevity are stunning together with the packaging but i will satisfy my senses with a less expensive beast.

    26th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 04th August, 2011)

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