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    No. 5 by Chanel

    I'll re-post my original review for Chanel No.5. And I'll keep on doing it forever. Once again, this is possibly one of the best perfumes ever created but the point within my review is slightly different. I'm trying to focus on the fact that if we all endorse the "best ever" attitude we leave no room for invention, for curiosity, for self expression and we react to other people's opinion just like the world of perfumery reacted when No.5 was originally released. At the time, brands by the likes of Guerlain used to keep the point that using natural ingredients in perfumes, was the only way to guarantee excellance. Then Chanel introduced on the market the first clearly chemical fragrance, declaring they used over 80 aldehydes to create this marvellous composition.

    At the time it was absolutely blasphemous from Chanel and the world of perfumery splitted in two parts. On the one side we had those who felt almost offended by No.5, on the other we had people endorsing Chanel's choice realizing that No.5 was a revolutionary landmark in perfumery.

    Said that, I'm trying to encourage people to be open minded, and most of all to respect other people's opinion...

    Here we go....

    Chanel No.5

    OK, I know it may sound blasphemous from me (again) but we can't stand this perfume enymore! OK OK OK, it was revolutionary, it was the first floral- aldehydes scent ever created but please, let's go a little bit further now. I've nothing against N.5 that's an ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE but I'm sick and tired of mid aged ladies wearing this fragrance and thinking this is the only scent available in the whole world.There are no more reasons to exists for Chanel No.5 besides being part of your own collection, but please don't tell me there's anyone still wearing this. Wearing Chanel No.5 in 2011 it's not anymore being elegant and classy...fantasy, please!

    05th March, 2011 (Last Edited: 04th August, 2011)

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