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    Vétiver (original) by Carven

    I was fortunate to get the original Carven Vetiver.
    Briefly, it has been through several versions.
    * 1957 - pictured above. A rectangular bottle with rounded edges and a green plastic cap. Green box.
    * 1990's reissues. Early bottles had a wooden cap, later ones had a silver metal cap. Revamped green box with a white chevron on it. Allegedly weaker in style.
    * 2006 reformulation. White box, square bottle. Different list of notes
    * 2009 alternate version? Called "Le Vetiver".

    By all accounts the original is the best, and without trying the later versions I find it to be very good. The opening is full of lemony goodness. It quickly takes on an earthy, dry and slightly spice character that is old-school and full of charm. Wood notes work well with the vetiver. The vetiver is very green in style: it is invigorating and at times has a soapy-fresh, coniferous aspect. The dry-down develops lovely creamy sandalwood and green moss notes. The scent is never sweet or heavy, and it wears very well. I'd say that if you are a vetiver fan and can find the *original* it is worth checking out.

    05th August, 2011

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