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    L'Eau Ambrée by Prada

    Prada L'eau Ambree didn't start off to well with me. I had first sprayed this on the card, smelt nothing. I then applied to my skin, still nothing. I even sprayed into the air around me, absolutely nothing.

    I honestly could not smell a thing, and my nose is very sensitive.

    I was wondering how on earth I would write a review when I couldn't even tell you what it smelt like. Thankfully I could begin to smell a subtle hint of citrus and patchouli after an hour had passed.

    Well, this fragrance is certainly not loud or offensive. It is extremely intimate and very subtle. Unfortunately it tends to vanish on the skin quite quickly. So the moment it appears, it's gone again.

    Throughout the duration of this scent, all I had managed to detect was the patchouli, the citruses, soft amber and delicate, powdery vanilla. I concluded that Prada L'eau Ambree smelt very much like an expensive bar of soap. Very clean and feminine.

    This fragrance was certainly not unpleasant, however it was disappointing due to all the hype surrounding it. I much prefer the original Prada as a unique and characteristic fix for my amber cravings.

    07th August, 2011

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