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    Earthtones #3 - North Woods by Neil Morris Fragrances

    Sadly, I have to report my disappointment with this scent. I love coniferous, woody, and herbal scents. Looking at the notes list, I had every reason to hope that North Woods would be that sort of scent. I find that it is not very green, not at all coniferous, and really not woody. To me, it suggests a sunny meadow of sweet grass. That is not a bad image to convey, and the scent is not unpleasant. But in my opinion there is little of any woodland in it.

    The scent starts in a promising manner, with lovely green notes hinting at galbanum or clary sage. The scent is soft but fresh. Fig leaf and cut grass are accurately rendered and give a slight herbal chord. Alas, this is a very brief phase. Next to appear is the heather Ė an outdoorsy floral, a bit hay-like or somewhat like broom. Soapy myrrh appears, and the scent becomes somewhat sweet. The hay-like note increases, at times becoming powdery and at other times suggesting tobacco leaf. Sometimes I detect a cool, tinny-metallic note which reminds me of some patchoulis Iíve encountered. At times, there is an earthy note like soil, and I am reminded of Czech and Speakeís Cuba with the tobacco-earth combination.

    To reiterate: this is a pleasant scent, somewhat low-key but in many ways attractive. But I donít find it substantially green and certainly (for me) there is nothing of the forest about it, either in terms of coniferous or wood notes.

    09th August, 2011

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