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    Casual Friday by Escada

    Since I read the review of Casual Friday in the Perfume-Smellin' Things blog I cannot escape this image of a public library in the morning: an urban shrine of serenity. Maybe it's the dry, dusty patchouli, cedar and cotton flower that I associate with old paper. Maybe it's the sweetened coffee with milk that enhances this image. Finally, maybe it's the anise balancing the gourmand aspects that gives this impression of a sunny morning, big windows, an early yet already busy day. It is an urban fragrance by all means and an intellectual one.
    Were Casual Friday a little heavier on vanilla and sugar it would enter the lusty world of gourmands and orientals, yet it chooses another direction. Sweetness is tamed by patchouli and dry woody notes; and and behind anise and cappuccino there's a complex base reminding me partly of a creation form older world, partly of a Comme Des Garcons woody fragrance. By all means, not with the mainstream of its time or any time. There's no big wonder why it was discontinued by Escada. Still, in another world, Casual Friday would be irreplaceable for a busy morning in the big city - a situation currently maintained with all-purpose lightly colognes, speaking irrelevantly about either Italian citrus groves, fresh countryside laundry or seashores, none of them urban in the heart.

    09th August, 2011

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