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    1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

    A superb example of how fougeres can be "handled" to become extremely modern. 1725 opens with a consistent combo of liquorice and anice that may bring immediately to mind of Menardo's creations for YSL (body Kouros) or Bucheron (Jaipur). At this point you could make the mistake to easily dismiss this composition as another "trendy" gourmand, but be aware that 1725 is much more than that. Lavender and citrus start to interact with the main ingredients creating a fantastic and original fougere enriched in the drydown by vanilla, amber and woody notes. The "extra touch" IMO comes from Almond that perfectly blends with all of the previously mentioned elements adding some refinement and uniqueness.

    While I absolutely admire Menardo's compositions I also strongly believe that 1725 takes the genre (and in this case also modern french perfumery in general) a step forward. Every note is at the same time perfectly detectable and incredibly blended with all the others as if were part of an high resolution picture of an immense landscape. Next to 1740 and 1969, one of my favourite fragrance in the Histoires De Parfums Library of Scents.

    08th August, 2011 (Last Edited: 09th August, 2011)

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