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    Lomani by Lomani

    Lomani Pour Homme = one part Drakkar Noir, one part Bowling Green and one part Tuscany. I enjoy each of these fragrances and was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon a bottle of Lomani in a discount store. I've read the comparisons to Drakkar Noir. I agree; very similar openings. Lomani's citrus opening is sharp, but I find it less obtrusive than its rather rambunctious cousin. The lavender top note emerges from the citrus notes, but it never becomes a "lavender" scent. The juniper is pleasantly prominent in the mid notes. I smell flashes of Baie de Genievre, one of Creed's better offerings. The drydown is "dry". The patchouli and oak moss are the most distinctive base notes. The vetiver is not dominant which is a plus, since I dislike strong vetiver scents. I really enjoy Lomani Pour Homme and wear it often. If you are a fan of shape shifting fougeres this one is worth a try. Inexpensive, but quality ingredients. There is enough going on here to hold my interest and elicit an enthusiastic thumbs up.

    27th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 12th August, 2011)

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