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    154 by Jo Malone

    I love classical fragrances like Vetiver by Guerlain, Eau sauvage by Dior, Azarro by Azarro, Gentleman by Givenchy, Aramis by Aramis, Devin by Aramis, Yatagan by Caron etc.You smell them and itīs wow- great frag! But the mentionned fragrances have been launched in 60-70ties!
    I am desperately waiting for a great fragrance from nowadays that captures me !
    So I tried this colgne and I expected too much- it was a huge disappointment- a very sad experience.
    Okay, itīs a cologne- nothing exciting, nothing thrilling- an average cologne-not more not less!
    Aromatic, fresh opening but the drydown is herbal, acid and synthetic- even sharp and bitter.Even if you spray it in a room- the smell is okay but it is the same old story :
    Great package, great name but nothing but hot air.
    Did you ever smell cuir de russie, cristalle, bandit , tabac blond, givenchy III, eau de calandre, le dix, diorella,quadrille etc.etc.- you will never ever forget these perfumes- they are so refined, subtle and all have been developped with a heart and great-souled-unbelievable masterpieces - you canīt get enough and you want to dive into these fragrances!
    But Colgne 154 is a sad, poor, simple ordinaryand artificial colgne!What a poor and sad work!
    Jacques Polge from Chanel did a great work for the ladies ( somehow unisex): a cologne- have a try - this one is a really good cologne - with style and class!Capeau Mr.Polge! And in 2007?!...................

    16th August, 2011

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