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    Millésime Impérial by Creed

    This is a pleasant scent all around.

    It tends to stay close to the skin which i'm going to attribute to its non-synthetic ingredients, based on assumption.

    Any scent at this level of the game is bound to be balanced and this one is. There is a beauty that owes itself to this balance. The individual notes are difficult for me to distinguish. I find a richness somewhere in the middle of the scent, not the middle of the "top-middle-base" notes but in the middle of the scent itself. It smells human, or an accent of the human smell. The strength is there as well as a projecting beauty that enhances the fundamental strength.

    Admittedly the character of this fragrance is subtle. I purchased a small 1.5 ml vile from an online shop which, due to my finances, I can only allow myself one small spritz per smelling. This lack of application power could be inhibiting its full force and thus yield the subtleness im experiencing.

    Howerver, it is classy all around. The scent brings to mind a walk through the lobby at an opera house (The Cincinnati Opera to be exact) with the twinkling of the chandelier and opera goers ordering drinks at the bar. Even the din of the conversations reveal themselves in this scent as it has a lot to say, even if it may at times be pretentious.

    18th August, 2011

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