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    Fidji by Guy Laroche

    I was initially quite disappointed when I spritzed on some FIDJI from a recently purchased (and anxiously anticipated!) bottle of edt. The perfume did not bear much resemblance at all to my memory of my first encounter with a vintage sample of a perfume by the same name. I re-read my earlier gushing review of vintage FIDJI (at The Other Site) and realized at once that only reformulation could explain the disparity.

    Upon seeing BayKAT's sage warning (in her review, below), I recognized that I had been played for a dupe. Yes, once again, I had been bamboozled into buying a 100ml bottle of a perfume based essentially on a lie, to wit: that the contents of this bottle, labeled FIDJI, were essentially the same as the contents of the sample vial which motivated me to seek out and acquire this perfume in the first place. Alas, FIDJI is not FIDJI anymore.

    All of that said, I have to admit that now, having recovered from the initial shock of my dashed expectations, I do actually like the new FIDJI, for what it is: a relatively dry and green floral inching toward the chypre line (and boasting both oak moss and tree moss among its ingredients), but still spare enough to be more of a floral than anything else. A dry white floral with big jasmine and, it seems to me, neroli. This FIDJI (though I am tempted to refer to it now as FUDJI...) is a very nice, sprightly floral green. Neither opulent nor tropical in the least, this composition is closer to BALMAIN than it is to FRACAS: dry, crisp, and clean.

    20th August, 2011

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