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    Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    Let me start off 1st, by saying, this review is biased. It is biased because I learned (thanks to this website and others), that I strongly favor men’s colognes, that fall under the ‘Oriental Spice’ category. Kouros Body is an oriental/spice cologne. Keep that in mind as you read my review.
    It is said, that the sense of smell is more tied to memory, than any of the others, including vision. A few years ago, this couple walked past me at a concert. I smelled the sexiest smell of all time. I literally stopped in my tracks, and was compelled to ask the guy and the girl, what they were wearing, but the guy looked like the type that might misconstrue my question, as hitting on his girlfriend, so I never asked.
    Fast-forward 8 years later and a couple dozen cologne sample suggestions later (from fellow Basenoters-Thank You), I got my sample of Kouros Body. BINGO !!!!!!!!!! I was instantly teleported back in time to that concert. I was 100% certain, I had found ‘the scent.’
    Reunited at last.
    If you tend to favor Oriental-Spice fragrances, Kouros Body is easily a blind buy for you. I can’t describe it any better than most of the thumbs up reviews here already. My favorite being the ‘caramelized river running through fields of cotton candy’ review. On the surface, that sounds too cloying and sugary for me. Now combine that review with a negative review saying it reminded him of baby wipes. BOTH reviews are right!
    4 sprays in the morning and my projection completely neutralized my co-workers Green Irish Tweed. I was fully aware of my smell for at least 6 hours.
    Thumbs up for a very sexy scent in an absolutely horrible bottle because you can’t see how much is left.

    20th August, 2011

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