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    Saks Fifth Avenue for Him by Bond No. 9

    I will speak today about a fragrance from the Maison Bond No. 9, which all fragrances are inspired by New York city, where beauty shines through the presentation of the bottles, all in star shapes with specific decorations to each fragrance. But I will speak more specifically about Saks Fifth Avenue for Him,
    created by Michael Almairac and released in 2007.

    On my skin, the fragrance begins with plenty of freshness guaranteed by bergamot, dominating the beginning of the fragrance. Chili, Black Pepper, on top, as Basenotes says? Not on my skin! Sorry Basenotes, you're wrong. After about 10 ~ 15 minutes, bergamot decays a bit, making the cardamom to become noticeable, however subtly, serving as an excellent transition from the fresh tone from the beginning, to a slightly sweet-woody tone (yes, sweet, but for just few minutes, believe me) guaranteed by a mixture of woody aroma mixed with a light incense which stands out more and more from the dry-down, thereby decreasing the semi-sweet aroma, now leading to a more comfortable level as time goes on, remaining that way until the end.

    An excellent casual scent. Perfect for those who likes the suit and jeans style.

    In my opinion, the perfect day by day scent for a successful business man that is not so focused on a formal dress. A pleasant classy and versatile smell that offends no one.

    21st August, 2011

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