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    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    YUM!!! Luckily Angel now works with me, it didn't always, I used to HATE Angel with a red hot passion! I think the reason I hated Angel previously was not only because of the mega dose of patchouli that assaulted my nose upon first spray but also because I was putting one spray on each wrist and that was just too much!! I attempted Angel again while studying up on Innocent (which I like a lot), I kept going back to reviews of Angel and was intrigued by how blank and white the reviews seemed, people either loved or hated Angel with very little so-so in between. I dug out my sample and squirted it on a q-tip then lightly dabbed it on my wrists, I did still get the strong patchouli but it was much milder and the dry down was to die for, on me it's a blend of deep dark chocolate, a touch of vanilla and patchouli. I've now graduated to one spray on my wrist then lightly rubbed on the other wrist and lo and behold I actually LOVE the patchouli now!! My husband loves it too! I think Angel really comes down to personal chemistry, it smells wonderful on some and horrible on some, I also think it is frequently over applied and that's why it has such a bad reputation, if the over sprayers would lighten up you'd probably get more compliments and less scowls.

    23rd August, 2011

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