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    Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

    I tried Egoiste at a duty-free store at an airport in Puerto Vallarta. I sprayed it on my wrist and was immediately impressed by the opening...tangerine and rosewood...I could detect coriander...I though I detected cinnamon (which I love), but don't see it listed in the pyramid. Yes, I was impressed. But I've been impressed by great openings before. I wanted to see it evolve before I committed to buying a bottle.

    I got on the plane to return to the U.S. I kept smelling my wrist...I couldn't stop. It just got better and better. When it evolved to the base of sandalwood and vanilla, I was in love. This was the one. It was sandalwood/vanilla done right. It was perfect.

    I purchased a 3.4 oz. bottle shortly after returning to the U.S. I had to have it. I remember the first time I sprayed it on my neck and chest and the wonderful aroma wafted up into my nostrils. I'm a fragrance collector and have tried many, many fragrances. But I've never felt something like this. I was in love. This is the feeling I had been searching for, but had never found. I had found my "Holy Grail".

    Months have passed and I still feel the same way about Egoiste. It's never exactly the same as the very "first time". But it's still an experience...still an event. I try not to wear Egoiste more than once a week. I could wear it every day...I really could. But I patiently wait, rotating in different fragrances, building up anticipation...knowing that soon, very soon, I will be able to experience love again...

    26th August, 2011

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