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    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    to love a perfume will always remain a very singular and personal decision.To be honest kouros is definitely very singular,remarkable, unique and has a high recognition value no matter what you feel when you smell this very special scent!And folks admit that in comparison to all those similar,boring,light, unisex fragrances being produced today for men this scent ! absolutely stands out.Kouros is an impact / assault on your senses- either it captivates your senses or it disgusts and discomfits.It´s an aromatic fougere but so different-azarro is an aromatic fougere too, the same is paco rabanne pour homme but these scents are more pleasing and easier.....Kouros is a challenge : loud, provocative,strong-it cracks your senses with an enormous power.It has something dirty and irritating- people feel giddy , even repelled.The opening is so complex, so inviting, so particular- you don´t find such fragrances anymore nowadays- all this aquatic nonsense, synthetic and artificial stuff- Kouros is matchless and exceptional-I personally disliked first the drydown- it becomes soapy, creamy(but the more you wait and keeping patient this scent pleases more and more but remains always weird and spooky , intense and powerful- this scent disallows you to breathe -this scent remains on the fast track accelarating more and more.I guess this is what people dislike about Kouros - this scent stays unpredictable- but isn´t it exciting?Apart from all personal emotions - Kouros is a milestone in perfume making - a unique and outstanding fragrance whether you like it or not.If you dislike this fragrance? then try Tuscany,azarro for men, D&G for men,Lauder for men, Paco Rabanne pour Homme- these scents are more friendly......but still unique!Kouros is Bartok,Schönberg and Alban Berg mixed up with Beethoven and a little bit Mozart- if you only want to listen to Mozart then Azarro is the first choice! But if you look for something very special and really particular then Kouros is perfect!- and wait.......this scent needs time to develop.......absolutely great stuff! I love it!!!

    24th August, 2011 (Last Edited: 27th August, 2011)

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