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    Stephanotis by Floris

    I was having a discussion with a friend of mine a few months ago on the topic of wedding fragrances. Despite her love for citrus aromatics, she vowed to wear a big white floral scent as her choice on her big day.

    I thought about this some more and concluded that I too felt that the essential wedding day scent would be flowery, strong and innocent. Stephanotis as I read somewhere was a popular choice for these particular events, so I was eager to discover what made this fragrance symbolise such a holy unity between two people.

    Stephanotis opens as a potent white floral. Strong and alcoholic for at least the first five minutes or so, I had my doubts of ever liking it.

    When settled, Stephanotis is buttery jasmine and soapy lily of the valley. I can see why women think 'wedding' when they smell Stephanotis. It's feminine and beautiful with that somewhat innocent touch.

    Some may relate the scent to a grandmother or an old-fashioned garden, however I see luxourious soaps and an image of the 1900's.

    This fragrance unfortunately doesn't last too well, with the fragrance almost completely vanished after four hours on the skin.

    I was surprised to see that this fragrance was produced in 1786, however it is believable to an extent. Stephanotis has that good, old-fashioned floral appeal.

    27th August, 2011

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