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    Or et Noir by Caron

    Another great Caron classic that gets very little attention! The comparison with Malle's Une Rose is valid and definitely recommendable to explore for yourself. I find that Or et Noir is superior, a more harmonious and better balanced composition that excels, like a grand extrait should, in the base. Or et Noir opens with big sillage with a very authentic deep velvety red rose. 1-2 hours into the wearing I can more clearly detect (rose) geranium as a note. From a confectionary point of view, I agree it gradually develops from yummy Turkish delight (don't be afraid, it is not too sweet!) to the most equisite marron glacé, which is an absolutely delicious shift. 2-3 hours into the wearing the sillage is comfortable and more redux compared to the opening. Surprisingly, longevity is fine, but not exceptional like N'aimez que moi's (which remains discreet throughout its development).
    Or et Noir is rumored to be discontinued in the nearer future, which is neither confirmed nor denied by Caron at the moment (August 2011). I would strongly recommend to sample this in connection with N'aimez que moi as both play on different facets individually but remaining strongly related. Rose, another fountain extrait, IMO the least interesting of the three, is discontinued now, but some bottles are still available in Paris.
    Or et Noir makes a superb, classy and grand evening wear and would be an incredible loss if lost
    eventually. This is IMO the queen of rose parfums, which has obviously fallen out of favor in recent years with ever changing preferences on the market. Get it while you can!

    28th August, 2011

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