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    Habit Rouge by Guerlain

    This is without a doubt one of the greatest creations in perfume history-an unbelievable complex scent, classified as oriental woody.The opening already is incredible: a fresh citrus-orange.The heart note includes cinnamon, woods and flowers- the composition is so unbelievable interesting and fascinating:a complexity and variety of notes : fresh, warm, sensual,oriental - a never ending story of feelings and emotions contrasting with so many different nuances of smells- an olfactory assault in the positive sense!Habit Rouge is and will remain forever a milestone in perfume making- an outstanding and unique scent -sophisticated, classic and perfect whether you like or not-everyone has to admit that Mr.Guerlain is a genius and Habit Rouge is a masterpiece!
    Personally I appreciated this scent for a long time- itīs a good fragrance for autumn and winter and suitable for a conservative,aristocratic,elegant 40+.
    Nevertheless I prefer more the rude, weird and edgy scents- the rougher and darker perfumes scents.About Habit Rouge I dislike the intensity of the oranges and the remaining sweetness.The fragrance is sticky, warm and so smooth.....It has this aristocratic and upper class touch.Someone said Habit Rouge is Shalimar for men-right! If you like these floating soft and tender fragrances this is your scent.Heavy,opulent,full flavoured- vanilla and powdery!- this is mozart and only mozart! A beautiful perfume perfectly orchestrated ,very sophisticated and official.
    I miss the suspense, the tension, the excitement,the disturbance,unease,restlessness and rough edges but this is my personal opnion and taste.Habit Rouge is an alltime classic, very pleasing with perfect manners but donīt we all look for a bad side and are we not attracted by the rough edges of something??!!!

    28th August, 2011

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