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    Hypnôse by Lancôme

    In the final dust of vanilla, amber and vetiver i detect something gummy (that reminds the bubble gum's artificial and colored juice), brash and bitter-dark may be because of a link of licorice, jasmine , sour citrus, passion flower and dry, purple, bitter-sweet fruits of the forest. The outcome is a powerfully soaring (the projection is nuclear), deliberately synthetic, sophisticated,  a bit exotic and  outrageous concoction that reminds me a bit some Lutens's fragrances (just in some of their features - exoticism, dry fruits and boise'-anyway) as A la nuit, Arabie and Fille en Aiguilles which are more natural and syrupy concoctions.The final vanillic purple outcome is slightly spicy and not particularly creamy in my perception. You can perceive till the end the woodsy temperament of vetiver and a touch of citrusy crispiness though plunged in a plastic fruity juice. The density is perceivable but just while inhaling the parfumed skin because in the air at distance the smell is powdery and averagely dense. We are not discerning the features of a masterpiece being this scent a synthetical, pungent (a bit crude) and chemically sophisticated fragrance of the new millennium but everybody can detect the experimental attempt to appeal the noses with something that deliberately stresses few tickling notes regardless for the meticulous combinations and balances of the most punctilious parfumer art.

    28th August, 2011 (Last Edited: 29th August, 2011)

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