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    Amarige by Givenchy

    As already underlined Amarige is a pillar, a notorious, joyful and graceful woodsy fruity-floral based on the prominent tuberose and gardenia, with a milky synthetical kind of fluidity, the fruity undertones of orange and peach, the delicious hint of black currant and a warm and boise' dry down made of milky oil, smoky amber, sandalwood and vanillic artificial musk. The fragrance is sophisticated, versatile and with an almost gourmand fatty consistence. I agree with Off-scenter about the comparison with the following (many years later) Carnal Flower Malle by the same nose, Dominique Ropion. While Amarige, with its synthetic musk, the usage of lactone and the tasty implementation of dry fruits is an example of olfactory plasticity on the borderlines of the gourmands territories, Carnal Flower is natural, crisp and vivid in its notable individuality of elements and in its carnal aromatic crudity of those. Amarige is finally a onedimensional, well rounded, sweet, chemical fluid though delicious and sophisticated while Carnal Flower is mutable, natural and almost edible in its variegated wake. In order to close the round i have to underline that Carnal Flower is mainly based on the powerful presence of tropical tuberose (blended with eucalyptus, coconut and sandalwood) while Amarige is a blend of well balanced flowers and fruits in which the other milky woody-green elements play the role played by coconut, sandalwood and eucalyptus in Carnal Flower). Amarige is anyway a good composition, one of the most appreciated by the women all over the world for its uniqueness and easiness.

    09th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 29th August, 2011)

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